Luna-Mae & Brody

Luna Mae’s puppies will be ready to go home on 06 Apr 2024!


These puppies will be SPLENDID! Luna-Mae is the daughter of our Leah & Jesse. It goes without saying that her temperament is REMARKABLE.  She is an incredibly sweet, floppy and affectionate girl. She minds her manners and gets a lot of compliments when she’s out walking around with her guardian mom, which she loves to do! Brody is a happy-go-lucky sweet boy, who loves to please his humans. He is also a champion fetch player (a title we bestowed on him)! We are filled with anticipation over Luna-Mae’s first litter.

Luna Mae & Brody are featured below.

Luna & Brody


Pregnancy has been confirmed! Puppies are due in mid Mar 2024! This pairing will be Luna’s last litter with us. 

These puppies will be EXQUISITE! Based on the parent’s color genetics, Luna & Brody’s puppies could be a variety of colors– black, chocolate, apricot, and caramel.  We may see tuxedos and even phantoms! Puppies are expected to have gorgeous silky wavy coats, and weigh 30-40 lbs at maturity. This is a FIRST OF ITS KIND pairing for us, with so many possibilities. No matter the aesthetics, the temperaments will be DELIGHTFUL! This will be Luna’s last litter with us. We added two of her previous offspring to our future mom & dad line-ups (Isla and Jett), and could not be more pleased with how they are developing. We know this litter will be special!

Piper & Spike


Piper has cycled! Piper and Spike will honeymoon the first week of March, and puppies will be due in late April! This pairing will be Piper’s retirement litter. 

Piper is the daughter of our Zoe (retired) & Eno. Piper & Spike are tiny and delightful– both weighing in at only 13 lbs! They are highly intelligent, intuitive, affectionate dogs who immensely love their humans. We fully expect to see these characteristics in their offspring– in fact, we are hopeful to retain one for ourselves. Their puppies are anticipated to mature 10-20 lbs and have apricot and caramel wavy fleece coats with white markings. This litter will be the smallest sized puppies we produce at River Days, and we are thrilled to offer such precious “big dog” traits in tiny packages!

Our Late Spring/Summer Line-up!

Maggie & Spike

Puppies estimated 11-21 lbs at maturity, Apricot & caramel wavy coats, some with white mismarks.


Millie & Spike

Puppies estimated 12-22 lbs at maturity. Red, apricot & caramel wavy and curly fleece coats, some with white mismarks.


Ginger & Beso

Puppies estimated 20-30 lbs at maturity. Chocolate wavy fleece coats, solids, white with chocolate spots, and solids with white mismarks are all possible. Phantom pattern also possible!



Apricot & caramel wavy fleece coats, some with white mismarks.


Hadley & Bear

Puppies estimated 20-30 lbs at maturity. Chocolate and black parti patterned (white with chocolate spots or white with black spots) wavy fleece coats. Roan pattern possible (like dad)!


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Please note:

Breeder reserves the right to substitute a stud for any reason.

Breeder reserves the right to select any puppy from any litter as a potential breeding dog, or as a trained puppy candidate.