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Hello, Future-River Days Family-

We are Zeph and Theresa Sharp. Our home is situated in the picturesque Alamance County, North Carolina. Our paths crossed in the clinical research industry, where a deep friendship blossomed into love, culminating in marriage. Our family includes five children and two grandchildren. Our initial encounter with an Australian Labradoodle, Mary-Sadie (Sadie), revealed the breed’s remarkable qualities—intelligence, empathy, gentleness, a playful spirit, and suitability for many allergy sufferers. Our subsequent Australian Labradoodle, Zoe, further confirmed our impressions of the breed. These dogs are unparalleled as family pets, and we’re thrilled to contribute to their lineage!

Theresa, a Registered Nurse with a background in Neonatal Intensive Care and Cardiovascular nursing, has always been passionate about dogs and has provided shelter to numerous rescue dogs. Despite her allergy-induced asthma, which necessitates a focus on hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs, the thought of a life devoid of dogs was unimaginable. After thorough research for a breed that would meet her family’s requirements, she discovered the Australian Labradoodle and was instantly charmed.

Zeph, having experience in healthcare management, eventually found his niche in clinical research. Although he doesn’t suffer from allergies, he empathized with Theresa’s search for the ideal asthma/allergy-friendly pet, and he too became captivated by the Australian Labradoodle.

We are eager to introduce other families to these amazing family dogs! We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about the distinctive features of our breeding program.

Warmest regards,

Theresa and Zeph Sharp

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