River Days

Who are we?

We are Zeph and Theresa Sharp and we’re located a short distance from Raleigh, NC, in beautiful Alamance County, NC. We met while working together in the clinical research field, and developed a strong friendship, which eventually led to love and marriage. We have five children and two grandchildren. Our first Australian Labradoodle, Mary-Sadie (Sadie) opened our eyes to how amazing these dogs truly are—intelligent, intuitive, gentle, fun-loving, and asthma/allergy friendly. Our second Australian Labradoodle, Zoe, only reinforced what we learned with Sadie. They are hands-down the best family dogs, and we are excited to contribute to the breed!

Theresa is a Registered Nurse with a background in Neonatal Intensive Care and Cardiovascular nursing. Theresa grew up around dogs and served as a foster mom to multiple rescue dogs over the years. Unfortunately, Theresa suffers from allergy induced asthma and over time became limited to non-shedding/allergy-friendly dogs. The thought of not having dogs in their family was unbearable. After carefully researching potential allergy friendly dog breeds for her family, she discovered the Australian Labradoodle and fell in love.

Zeph is a Psychology and Political Science B.S., with a background in healthcare management, who landed in clinical research. While he is not an allergy sufferer, he was sympathetic to Theresa’s quest for the perfect asthma/allergy friendly dog for their family—and, he fell in love with the Australian Labradoodle too.

Now we are eager to introduce other families to these amazing family dogs, and we hope that you will take time to thoroughly explore our website and learn more about what distinguishes our program.