Trained Puppies

You can apply for a trained puppy by indicating “trained puppy” on your application.

How wonderful and satisfying it feels to have a well behaved puppy! We offer a limited number of trained puppies to families who wish to skip the very early and challenging phase of raising a puppy. Our trained puppy option includes: a breeder selected puppy, temperament evaluation by the trainer, on and off leash training, obedience training (sit, stay, here, kennel, heel, quiet, leave it, rest, no and take a break), crate and potty training, full vetting, full socialization with people, dogs, family and community living. Successful long term training outcomes are achieved when families are fully committed to maintaining dog training principles in the home. Along our journey, families will receive training too, via videos and written material.  Our trained puppy price is $10,000. Trained puppies are ready for their forever homes at approximately 17-18 weeks old. If you would like to add one of our trained Australian Labradoodle puppies to your family, please complete an application and indicate “trained puppy” on your application. Once we review your application, we will be in touch!

It’s a family affair– featuring Blue and some of our children!
Our children actively participate in our program!
Early training minimizes frustrations for humans and puppies!